Round Up: May

This has probably been one of the worst months I could imagine. I dislocated my shoulder at the start of the month swimming and then with just under 4 weeks to go, I fell off my bike and broke my wrist. I sort of lost the plot a bit; I lay in bed crying for days not eating and feeling angry. Looking back over the month, I'm proud of the hours I put in. They might not be useful for Staffordshire 70.3 but they'll be useful at some point. AND I got some unbelievably badass tan lines this month :-P

Swim - 30mins - 1,400m
During my first swim of the month, I dislocated my shoulder. So that put an end to swimming for what I thought would be a week or two. 

Bike - 19hrs 14 - 387.06km
Deep breath. I went to Mallorca with my boyfriend for some cycle practice. It was going really well; 150km from one end of the island to the other, taking drinks and food in, even managed a few selfies whist riding! Then after the best, steepest climb I've ever done, I fell off my bike. You know the rest; breakage, tears etc

Run - 3hrs 13 - 40.5km
Not much running sadly but I did run the Vitality 10k with my family. We run it annually and I absolutely love it; well organised, flat and a medal and race tee! My arm was in a cast but I still managed 55mins which I'm pretty proud of and I retained my Team Patel female champ crown! Woohoo!

What else?
In all honesty, it's been a lot of tears and misery so lets find some positives; it was my birthday! I rode my longest ever ride in Mallorca (150km) and I finally mastered eating and drinking on the bike. I am so proud of my family for getting involved and doing the 10k run at the end of the month. We had team t-shirts and a picnic after so it was great fun.

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