Turbo: Keeping up Fitness

Probably the ultimate in boring training: sitting on a turbo trainer, inside, for an hour or so. As I can't ride outside, I've been reduced to riding inside infront of the tv. It is very unintereting so bear with as I try to make an interesting post!

So what is turbo? It's a frame you mount your bike on by attaching it to the rear wheel. This frame allows your back wheel to sit on a roller so as you cycle, the roller turns. It's attached to a resistance unit which uses fluid (or air or magnetics) to vary the resitance while you pedal. It esstentially turns your bike into a spin bike (of sorts). You can practice on your own bike, changing gears etc so its a pretty good substitue for riding outside.

I used to just put an episode of someting on (thank you Netflix) and pedal for around an hour, in a pool of my own sweat. However I've been trying some new things,

1. Zwift
Such a neat programme; you can use your Garmin connector to join an online cycling community where you can ride with other people. I really liked this as it makes it much more social, the graphics are quite realstic (in my opinion, I don't play video games so I haven't actually got anything to compare it to!) and it connects to Strava so you can have a nosey at what your friends are up to.

A YouTube page with some great content. I like watching these videos because the sets are good but I also learn loads of general "bike stuff"; accesories my bike needs, how to recover, how to ride steep climbs. Interesting and funny, these videos are a great way to pass turbo time.

As you'd expect, some good sets on here- threshold, sprints, intervals. Lots of explaination in these too so you know why, when, how etc. I love to know all the geeky science bits behind it all so it fills me with contentment knowing that I'm doing something specific for a specific reason with a specific outcome.

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