What's Next?

My life has been consumed with the Half Ironman since the 12th August 2015, when I signed up. That's 9 months of nothing but swim, bike, run. 1,900m, 90k and 13.1 miles. It's all I've really been thinking about with a mixture of fear and excitement. It's been great and I have enjoyed training but now that it's been cut short, I'm not sure what's next for me.

The next race I had planned is the London Triathlon which is in August. It's an Olympic distance triathlon which is 1500m swim, 40k and then a 10k which seems so much more reasonable. I will obviously keep training ticking over so that I can beat my time from last year and have a good race. But what after that?

I'm someone that likes to have a goal. By nature, I'm an active person but I hate "training" with no end date in mind. I need something, weather it's close by or an eventual goal to aim for. I recently read "Eat and Run" by Scott Jurek, legend Ultramarathoner. An ultra marathon is any distance longer than a marathon. He ran 100 mile races like I eat chocolate (daily). As well as this, his whole principal of living simply and eating mindfully, really struck a chord with me. I'm not some hippy happy clappy veggie but I think what he says about eating naturally makes a lot of sense.

I want to run my marathon in a decent time. I'm not of the "just finish" mindset. I would love to run an ultra, perhaps not 100 miles but I'd like to see what I am capable of. I think I'm going to up my running over winter and try some more trail runs as the Maverick run I did was great fun. I will try and keep at least 1 long cycle as it's good for cross training and if I want to do any more triathlons, I'll need to keep this cycle fitness I've worked so hard to gain!

I still have plans to do a half ironman. I know I can do it and there's nothing more that I want than that medal around my neck. We'll see but as ever, I'll keep you posted!

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  1. What's next is... Spend time with EVH and drink wine xxx


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