Guess Who's Back, Back Again...

Hey guys, I'm baaaack! The cast is off, I'm officially a member of the Broken Bone Club and I am ready to get back on it!

Ok so what's been happening? I spent ages feeling sorry for myself and eating all the things I hadn't while I was training intensely. I got back on the wine train which - honestly- felt so good! I'm not a big drinker, I never have been bu it was comforting and make me feel happy when I was feeling so low. I tried doing turbo but my heart just wasn't in it. I did a few 45min/hour long sessions but I was just pedalling for the sake of it. I didn't really care so I stopped. I just stopped everything.

1st July: cast off and back to real life. As much as I'd like to be a sofa sloth, it's just not me. I love to sweat, I love to be outside and active. I decide to go for a short run last week, just a little 4k around the block. I didn't think it'd be more than around 25 mins. Boy was I wrong!! I was heaving, sweating, contemplating puking. But once you're out, there's only 1 way back home so I kept going. Every step hurt, it felt like I'd never run before. I have a long way to get back to form!

So here I am back at Square 1. You know I'll keep you in the loop, I'm going to try and record some of my training. I'm just a normal girl trying to get her fitness on; if I can do it, so can you!

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