Nathan, Race Day Laces

In a triathlon, every minute counts. You are always looking for the quickest way around everything. So you don't want to waste any time doing regular stuff like...tying shoe laces! (Seriously, I don't make this stuff up). Step in, elastic laces.

A pretty nifty little gadget, these go in place of your regular laces so you can literally slip your shoes on with them already tied. I got a pair of such laces a few Christmas's ago but all of my shoes already had these laces on. So I waited. And waited.

Finally I bought a new pair of shoes where the coordination was a dream (FYI the other secret to speed to excellent coordination). Here's a quick step-by-step which shows you what to do and explain them much better than me right now.

I got these laces from Nathan, which to be honest isn't a brand I'd heard of. Although since, I've checked out their website and they have some great bits for runners as well as cyclists and triathletes.

You laces up your shoes as you would with regular laces and the attached the "lock" to the top.

This is the bit I struggled with. Taking the "clip", thread the laces through and then cut off the excess lace. With the cut end in the clip, close down making sure you loop it through the bottom rung (for want of a better word) of laces. This way it won't bounce up and down as you run.

Then, looking stylish, you're good to go! 

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