Race Planning

I love racing! I always feel so nervous to the point where I feel like I might throw up but the minute the klaxon sounds, there I am with a smile on  my face as I fiddle with my Garmin. I love it; the adrenaline, the excitement, the crowd. I won't pretend like I'm in the Olympics and people are chanting my name but when you're running and someone in the crowd yells "go on girl" you can't help but smile and surge on.

Picking when to race and where isn't something that should go unplanned. This year I was signed up to the marathon in April and the half ironman in June. It was bad planning on my part, a case of too much too close together. I gave up on my marathon hopes in order to focus on the half ironman and ended up doing neither..... Hmm best not dwell, the lump in my throat is rising.

I'm trying to plan my 2017 race calendar as most things get booked up quite quickly. I already have the half marathon in February and my deferred marathon place for April too. So what else?

I am still dead set on a half ironman. Having done 90% of the training, I know it is more than within my ability. The 3 half ironman distances in England are Staffs and Exmoor in June and now Weymouth in September. I'm tempted to go for Staffs as I have...well not even unfinished business, just business. I'm very tempted by Ironman Weymouth. I know that I can do a half. I know I can, but a full Ironman is something else. A whole new kind of challenge. A sea swim in Weymouth sounds more like my kind of swim but the 112 mile cycle would be a SERIOUS challenge not to mention finishing with a marathon.

I'd also really like to run an Ultra. I've got my eye on the North Downs 50 which looks beautiful. I know I have yet to run a marathon which makes me seem crazy but there is something in running that I love. Unfortunately it is in May and I don't want another case of too many events in the same period.

Currently I'm thinking,
Feb - Half Marathon
April- Marathon
Sept - Ironman Weymouth

I'm just not sure! Has anyone completed any of these events and has some comments/tips/advice? Or am I just a little bit of a lunatic? :)

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