Round Up: July

Joooo-lie. It's gone and we're into August already. A month of basically zero training, motivation or much else to be honest. I had days where I struggled to get out of bed and days where I felt like I could be an Ironman. Sigh,

Swim - 22mins - 1,000m
One swim. It hurt being back in the water. My hand didn't move like it should and everything was a struggle. I pushed on and did 1k as I felt like it would have been a waste of a hair wash for anything else but it knocked it out of me. Breathing heavy and arms like lead- wonderful.  

Bike - zero
There is nothing I want to do less right now than ride my bike so instead of forcing the issue, I didn't. I watched the Tour de France which did zero to motivate me. I put the turbo trainer away as looking at it made me feel sad and I focused on my wrist physio. Just looking at the bike makes me feel quite upset so even that got locked away in the garage. Out of sight, sort of out of mind.

Run - 3hrs 16 - 31.5km
Surprisingly more than I thought I'd run! A few short and very slow runs. I mean painfully slow. I tried a speed session which felt like I was dying in slow motion. Not really a great feeling to be honest but I still did it. It's horrible feeling so slow and fat (I'm not especially but I feel heavy when I run) and not really being able to fix that overnight. It'll come, just need some focus.

What else?
The cast came off at the very end of June so lots of physio and delicate hand movements this month! In all honesty, lots of rest was just what I needed this month. I went to the London Anniversary Games which was amazing! Mo Farah and Jess Ennis are incredible to watch and being back in the Olympic stadium was incredible. I also went up to Bolton to watch Ironman UK which did make me feel like it is something I want to do. Watching the athletes cross the finish line left me with a sense of wanting so...guess I better the bike out of the garage!

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