The London Aquatics Centre

I have been dying to go to the Olympic pool since it opened (in March 2014!) and I finally got the opportunity to go with my friend, Emma. I can honestly say it was great!

Based at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford it's at the very end of the Jubliee line and a short walk from Westfield shopping centre. We only wanted to swim for an hour or so, so we went with the pay as you go option which was £5.20. Not too bad considering it's in the middle of London. You can check out some clips of it on my Vlog here too.

The Pool
Wow! The 50m Competition Pool is seriously dreamy. I don't know if the pool is really anything special or if it's the fact that it was used for the Olympics but there is definitely something amazing about swimming in it. The only thing I would say is though is that it is very deep. I slid into the pool from the side and was surprised when I dropped in and the bottom was nowhere near. The lanes don't really say "fast/slow" so it's a bit of a guessing game but most people were friendly enough and didn't mind a bit of overtaking.

Changing Rooms
The changing room is a large mixed one with separate female and male sections at each end. The cubicles to change in are extremely small though and given I had my work backpack and my gym bag, it was quite a tight squeeze. Lockers take £1 coins which you get back. 

The Showers
The showers were a total joke; absolutely filthy with hair everywhere! It was disgusting. Again in the female side of the changing room and in cubicles, the water is motion sensor operated. This is very economical but washing hair in this is a bit of a nightmare. The water didn't stay on for long enough and in the end I gave up and just tied up my hair, washing it at home. There also wasn't anywhere for your towel so that was just great.

I really enjoyed going but the hygiene really put me off as cleanliness isn't a negotiable thing for me. I don't know if it'd be better to go in the morning but bearing in mind that it's around an hour and a half's train journey away from me, it's very unlikely. A good experience but maybe a one off!

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