Surround Yourself with Positivity

Jim Rohn once said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I work in relationship marketing and it is clear that those who surround themselves with success and happiness, are successful and happy people.

Vlog #9

A very busy week considering I have been so poorly! Starting with a trip to Brighton to see the new i360 eye then a spa day with my mum and finished the week with a shopping trip to Bicester!

Joining a Swim Group

In the word's of Dory, "just keep swimming!". I'm on a mission to get my fitness back and part of that includes stepping up my swim! My front crawl needs to become less crawl and more of a speedy power swim so no small challenge there. As usual!

Backpackin' Babe

I've always been one of those girls who carried her bag in the crook of her arm. I look after the damn thing better than I might a child sometimes; I don't put it on the ground, I'm super gentle with know what I mean! So it came as a total shock to me when I fell in love with a backpack!

Vlog #8

A week where I had to rewind a bit! A fun run with my mum which was brilliant and exactly that, fun! Some working out in the garden with my PT and trying some purple carrots.

Take It All Off

There's nothing like coming home and going about your little routine: trakkies on, jewels off, hair in a pineapple on top of your head and make up off. I have been using this little gem for quite a while now and it's such a good product that literally does exactly what it says, Take the Day Off.

Never Stop London

The North Face, synonymous with adventure, exploration and the outdoors. When I found out about a new North Face store on Regents Street, I was all over Google checking it out. Then I found out that they ran weekly mountain athletics training sessions And the best part, they're free! Obviously I had to go and try it out. I tried to persuade a friend to come with me so I would have a buddy but as usual no one was interested so alone I went. 

Race Planing Part 2

I love planning and I love stationary so it only seemed natural to put the two together! I spoke in a previous post about the races I was planning and what was on my mind so after committing and deciding what I wanted, I thought I'd better make a plan.

Essentials to Get Started

It's September; the days are getting shorter, pumpkin spiced lattes are back (fist pump!) and it feels like a time for change. I don't know why but around about this time when it always feels like I should be going back to school, even though I left around 8 years ago, I always find myself making changes and starting new things.

So if you're thinking about starting running, here are a few essentials you might want to think about to get you started, And before you say anything, you can do it!

Vlog #6

Hi there! This week we had a surprise birthday party for my dad who was 60. It was bank holiday weekend so I tried some cooking and attempted to teach my niece how to ride a bike. I avoided the gym like the plague by working out in the garden and yep, that photo is of a camera cake and it was amazing!

Round Up: August

This month has been quite up and down. Emotionally I've felt quite all over the place with some days feeling like I could be in the Olympics and others when I struggled to get out of bed. The Olympics have been incredible and so inspiring. I've gotten back into training slowly this month and while I miss my fitness levels, it does feel good.

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