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I've always been one of those girls who carried her bag in the crook of her arm. I look after the damn thing better than I might a child sometimes; I don't put it on the ground, I'm super gentle with know what I mean! So it came as a total shock to me when I fell in love with a backpack!

I think this might have something to do with the fact that for work I have to lug around a truly hideous bag containing my laptop and I'm usually the butt of endless jokes from my friends. So when I went to The North Face recently and saw some of their new collection, I was so excited to check out some of their backpacks. I like TNF, their stuff is so sturdy and practical. It looks good and very much does what it says.

I picked up this Isabella backpack in black/gold, or to be more precise NF Black Heather/24K Gold. Ahem, fancy! It's the larger version of the Electra bag which is £45 and the Isabella £60. It comes in 2 colours, mine and greyish/navy combo.

It's specifically a women's bag so the shape fits to your body really well and there's a cross body strap that allows for the fact that women have boobs! Not sure I'd use the strap but I like having the option. I love the chunky gold zips and the fact that parts of the bag are fleece lined. I think the photos are doing it more justice than I am right now!


  1. Ooh love a good rucksack, I've just reviewed another one on my blog this week, and although it's great, it's definitely not designed for a small woman the size of a 12year old who cycles everywhere!

    1. Ha! This one is gorge, I'm obsessed with it! I'll have a read of yours now, could always do with another bad :)


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