Essentials to Get Started

It's September; the days are getting shorter, pumpkin spiced lattes are back (fist pump!) and it feels like a time for change. I don't know why but around about this time when it always feels like I should be going back to school, even though I left around 8 years ago, I always find myself making changes and starting new things.

So if you're thinking about starting running, here are a few essentials you might want to think about to get you started, And before you say anything, you can do it!

1. Give a girl the right shoes and she can do anything
I'd recommend getting a gait analysis done and buying a decent pair of trainers. Wearing the right shoes that give you the support you need will change everything about running for you. You'll run taller and your feet will thank you for the support. I go to Runners Need and they are so good at explaining what my feet need and giving me a cataloge of options at different price ranges,

2. Move to the Beat
Create a killer playlist of songs that make you shake your hips and nod your head. It'll make the time pass much quicker and it's so fun running to the beat of your fave song. I love the Sugababes song "About a Girl", it's seriously sassy and empowering. Running to that makes me feel like I could run across the world. Just make sure you change it up because listening to the same playlist for every single run can get really boring really quick!

3. Set a Goal
Do you want to be able to run 5k, run 10k or simply be able to run for an hour non stop? Decide what you want to achieve and write it down. Stick it up by the front door and every time you go for a run remind yourself that with every run you're a little bit closer to your goal. Knowing that there an end goal makes it so much easier otherwise it can feel like you're continually going with no end in sight.

4. Stretch it Out
One of the most important parts of any exercise is warm up beforehand, especially if it's all new to you. I've filmed a few stretches you can use to get your going but of course see what works for you.

5. Follow a Plan
This depends on what you're training for but having some structure will keep you going. It takes the hassle out of it as you don't have to think about what to do, you can just consult the plan. There are loads of free ones on the internet but I like the Couch to 5k training app as it is easy to follow and very realistic.

6. Treat yourself!
My mum would highly disagree with this one as she thinks I'm a shopaholic but I think it's important to encourage and reward yourself. Every time you go out for a run, put a £1 in a jar. Once you've reached your goal, whether it's a 5k or running your fastest mile, take your hard earnt £s and treat yourself to something nice. You deserve it!


  1. The £ thing is a really good idea! I like rewards XXX

    1. It's a really good incentive and you can see the £s piling up so visually you know how much you've been running and you can think about what treats you deserve while you run! xx


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