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The North Face, synonymous with adventure, exploration and the outdoors. When I found out about a new North Face store on Regents Street, I was all over Google checking it out. Then I found out that they ran weekly mountain athletics training sessions And the best part, they're free! Obviously I had to go and try it out. I tried to persuade a friend to come with me so I would have a buddy but as usual no one was interested so alone I went. 

I was greeted by Jen who made any nerves disappear right away. She was so friendly and kind and asked what I am training for. I said Ironman and she told me to add it to the wall of ambition/ dreams/ goals. There must have been around 40 of us by the time everyone showed up and after a quick briefing on the shop floor we set off to Green Park.

I don't know why but I had such a huge grin on my face as I navigated tourists, cars and busses to get to the park. It was only 1.5km or so but it felt so breathless. We congregated together to warm up. Matt and Jon- the trainers- are really funny and make working out such a laugh. We did sprints, pull ups against a rail in the park, press ups, burpees...I don't even know the names of some of the crazy moves they had us doing!

It was just fun! That's the bit I can't emphasise enough, I was laughing and smiling for almost the whole session which was around an hour and a half. The other people there were friendly and most had come on their own too. I've been a few times now and I love it. It's hard work and you spend almost the whole session moving but Matt and Jon really level it so you can make it as easy or difficult as you need for yourself.

Despite the name "mountain athletics" a lot of people aren't training for mountain activity. Asking around there was answers of; my first triathlon, an ultra trail run, a sub 4 hour marathon and even to make the run down to Green Park without feeling out of breath. It's a lot of functional movement, all of which you can do on your own at home without the need for a gym pass or any equipment. That's what's so good about it, it's so accessible.

If you're in London and are free on a Tuesday night, try it out. I'll be there so you'll know one person at least! Below is how we end every session so any thoughts of "it's so serious" can go right out the window!

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