Round Up: August

This month has been quite up and down. Emotionally I've felt quite all over the place with some days feeling like I could be in the Olympics and others when I struggled to get out of bed. The Olympics have been incredible and so inspiring. I've gotten back into training slowly this month and while I miss my fitness levels, it does feel good.

Swim - 2hrs 5mins - 4,300m
Getting back into the swing of things by swimming with a group. It has been quite a lesson as I am nowhere near where I thought I was. My swimming has really dropped off the radar so getting going again has been tough. The 50m pool is a killer in that respect and I'm constantly seeking the wall at the end for a little respite but it can't get worse! ....right?!

Bike - zero
Still nothing. I will get back to it just not yet.

Run - 3hrs 51 mins - 32.6km
A few more runs this month. Feeling a little better. It's so difficult as it takes a while to get over that initial hurdle of pain and to start enjoying running. I had gotten there earlier in the year but now I'm back to it hurting and feeling like crap so it's tough to push on but I know it'll feel good again soon. It's like a therapy for me; I'm usually miserable while I'm doing it but I feel better for it after!

What else?
Lots of weights! My PT, Oli, has got me doing more than I ever have. I've been frequenting the "men's section" in the gym and doing my squats, deadlifts and bench-presses. I feel good for doing it and I hope that next month I'll be able to say that I feel more comfortable around there. Joining a swim session has been amazing too and I'm looking forward to being able to train with people as it's much nicer than on your own. When I wasn't training this month, I have mainly sat on the sofa watching every single Olympic sport going. And I bloody loved it!

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