Vlog #13

What a busy week! I went to a food tasting at Skylon on the Southbank and a play with my friend, Emma. Training thrown in and I was shattered!

Nike Run Club

My absolute favourite brand, Nike. They are without doubt the biggest and best sports clothing brand in the world. I'd known for a while that they ran run sessions from various stores worldwide but I'd never been to one. When my friend David, asked if I wanted to go with him, I finally took the plunge!

Joining a Track Session

TRACK. It sounds like something for the elite, speedy few. It can be quite intimidating showing up for the first time and I won't lie, I felt the same. I was terrified. It took me a while to work up the courage to go at all. But as always, I'm glad that I did!

So You Want to be a Runner?

No weekly vlog this week, instead I talk a little about what I think you should do if you're thinking of taking up running!

How to Buy a Bike

Bike shopping! If you're like me you have no idea where to begin and you just go the prettiest bike that matches your kit. You will likely love it at first and take plenty of gorgeous Instagram worthy photos but soon you'll find all the things wrong with it and then people will start to tell you what you should have bought. D'oh!

Why You Should Keep a Training Diary

Probably one of my fave posts to write! It's not often you finish a training session and think of all the positives. It almost always hurts and there's always something to improve on. As human we love to focus on the negative so we rarely reflect on all the progress we've made. I love to look back over my sessions and see how far I've come.

Vlog #12

I went to check out the launch of the Nike Mag shoes, self tying laces inspired by the film Back To The Future. The only way to get your hands on them is to buy a £10 ticket where proceeds go towards finding a cure for Parkinson's- the disease suffered by so many included the original shoe wearer, Marty McFly aka Michael J Fox. A supreme innovation from my fave brand- The Future is Now.

Keeping Skin Hydrated

I don’t think there are many people out there particularly enjoy the feeling of rough skin. There’s nothing nicer than baby soft skin that looks plump and smooth. Unfortunately being out in the cold a lot and activities like swimming can stop skin looking and feeling as gorgeous as it should.

Why you Need a Sports Massage

"Erm...I know my times are seriously speedy (hahaha) but I hate it break it to you- I'm not a pro athlete!" - this was my response when someone told me I should be getting regular sports massages. It's not something for us regular people, just trying to get round a marathon or knock a second or two off a half marathon time, I thought. Oh how wrong I was.

Vlog #10/11

I'm sorry for the lack of upload last week! I had a problem with my laptop so a bit more footage in this week's vid than usual. I can't believe I've made 10 weeks worth of Vlogs! A pretty quiet week to be honest but some good training sessions. I loved my friend's gig the week before and I have to say, I'm so proud of her. Some good runs with this and even a swim!

Post Swim Face Mask

If I could swim and not experience any of the adverse effects of chlorine, I'd be on to a winner! It leaves my hair in an absolute state, my nail varnish always ruins and my skin is left feeling so dry. Luckily the Body Shop have found the solution to at least one of my problems! And I might add, this isn't just for women. A lot of men have very dry and dull looking skin especially those who swim a lot and this could be just what your skin needs so keep reading!

Round Up: September

I love September, it's just a great month to take stock as it's sort of mid year and start new things with a renewed sense of purpose. This month I pinned up my new wall planner and started to get back on some training although it was rudely interrupted with a bad case of the cold which left me in bed for a good week!

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