Keeping Skin Hydrated

I don’t think there are many people out there particularly enjoy the feeling of rough skin. There’s nothing nicer than baby soft skin that looks plump and smooth. Unfortunately being out in the cold a lot and activities like swimming can stop skin looking and feeling as gorgeous as it should.

I’m a beauty product addict as you well know but I’m streamlined my routine down so it’s pretty quick and easy to do so you won’t be left with dry skin in winter months. I think it works well for men too and after throwing endless products at my brother and boyfriend, I feel like I’m finally onto a winning combination.

I like to use the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel. I like the gel as my skin is a little oily so it keeps that in check without adding to the problem. It’s super lightweight and refreshing. It’s a nice little barrier from the wind when I’m running and feels hydrating after a swim. It never feels like it’s clogging up my face which heavier moisturisers can sometimes feel like.
I am obsessed with Palmers Cocoa Butter. It is the best moisturiser ever; it’s so hydrating and it smells incredible. It’s so scrumptious, I lather it on like there is no tomorrow! It is quite thick so it’s best to let it sink in a bit before putting clothes on. It comes in a pump bottle which make application easy peasy and did I mention how amazing it smells?

This might seem like a weird one but as a runner it’s actually quite important. Dry feet will lead to cracking and if you’re out pounding the pavement, it’s going to hurt! After a shower I use some of my fave Udderly Smooth on my feet to keep them soft and supple. It helps retain some of the water from the shower too keeping your feet super soft. What’s more if you’re swimming, people are going to see your feet so you need to keep them looking relatively nice!

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