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My absolute favourite brand, Nike. They are without doubt the biggest and best sports clothing brand in the world. I'd known for a while that they ran run sessions from various stores worldwide but I'd never been to one. When my friend David, asked if I wanted to go with him, I finally took the plunge!

You sign up either online or via the app, Nike+ Training. There are a few different types of run including speed sessions (similar to Track sessions) but I decided to go for the 'Home Run' from the Niketown store on a Thursday evening. You can chose between 5, 7 and 10k distances with 3 different speeds. I liked all of the comms I recieved once I'd registered. I got the below email and then again the day before the run to keep me from backing out and hyping me up for the fun to come!

Upon arrival at Nike, I checked in on the 1st floor and promptly received a wrist band once I'd told the girl my average pace. There was about 20 lockers which was great for the 50+ people that turned up. The "run area" is relatively secure though so I didn't mind too much.

Start time was a random 6.34pm sharp. A quick breifing on the shop floor complete with the obligatory photos for Instagram and we ran up to Hyde Park for a quick warm up. Warmed up,  we split off into our groups and went running! My group was around 10 people and  I loved it. It was a little faster than I'd usually run with my first 2 kms at  4.56 an 4.58km/min! It was tough but I would never push myself like that alone. I'm glad I had taken a head torch as it was pitch black. After the run we went back to the store where we were given water and loyalty cards. Complete 10 sessions and you get a Nike tee!

Whilst it wasn't quite as friendly as the North Face sessions, it was great and I liked that it was a run club as opposed to the functional training I have been doing. I can do that alone but as I said, it's hard to push myself when it's just me running alone. The coaches/pacers were great and loads of them have done a lot of big races and so had loads of marathon specific and training advice to give. I'm not sure I'd pay for the session so I'm glad that it's free and Nike being Nike, the whole experience is generally great. I will definately be back, whilst I'm training for the marathon at least, and I want that free tee!

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