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If I could swim and not experience any of the adverse effects of chlorine, I'd be on to a winner! It leaves my hair in an absolute state, my nail varnish always ruins and my skin is left feeling so dry. Luckily the Body Shop have found the solution to at least one of my problems! And I might add, this isn't just for women. A lot of men have very dry and dull looking skin especially those who swim a lot and this could be just what your skin needs so keep reading!
Recently the Body Shop came out with a whole range of new face masks. I picked up the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask which claims to refine and revive my skin. I went for this as it promises to draw out impurities and seeing as my face is submerged in chlorinated water for a good few hours each week, I thought this would do the trick.

At £15 it is very affordable especially compared to products such a GlamGlow, which is upwards of £30 for the teeniest little tub! I liked that it is formulated without silicone or mineral oil and that it contains green tea leaves as they always really sooth skin and leave it feeling fresh.

I found it easy to apply, it smelt delicious- very fresh but the thing that struck me most was how cooling it felt. It was felt it was really pulling my pores closed and leaving a cool little breeze on my face as it dried. I left it on for only around 8 mins and then washed it off was a damp muslin cloth.

Overall I loved it. My skin felt so re-hydrated after and looked much more fresh. A new step post swim I think but maybe not if I'm doing a brick session! 

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