Round Up: September

I love September, it's just a great month to take stock as it's sort of mid year and start new things with a renewed sense of purpose. This month I pinned up my new wall planner and started to get back on some training although it was rudely interrupted with a bad case of the cold which left me in bed for a good week!

Swim - none!
2 swim sessions cancelled and I took that as a cue to stay in bed on Sunday mornings. Not good! There weren't any days I could swim that coincided with hair washing days so to be really honest, I just didn't feel like it. I am going this week though so I'll have more to report back on next month!

Bike - none!
A spin class here and there so technically not nothing. I think October will be the month of the return. It sounds so dramatic but I feel like I'm finally over the mental hurdle of fear and anxiety. I've come to accept that it was just a freak accident, every time I fall (which I'm sure I will) I wont break a bone. I could barely look at my bike for months without feeling like crying but I don't feel like that anymore. I can do it.

Run - 3hrs 4 mins - 26.13km
Getting back into my groove! Some runs that felt good, some that didn't, some lovely ones with mum. It's coming back slowly, not quick enough that I want to run more but I'm getting there. I actually smiled after my last run which felt SO good. I have felt some pain in my knee though so I need to get back on the foam roller aka the torture device from hell.

What else?
The North Face sessions have been brilliant and I have been loving them. They are similar to some of the functional movements I've been doing with my PT so it's been good to work on. I've been a lot more experimental with food trying out some honey chicken and barbecued salmon. It's fun just trying a bit of everything in the kitchen and seeing what works and what doesn't. The fun run I did with mum was brilliant and I can't wait for winter to try some more of these. 

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