Why You Should Keep a Training Diary

Probably one of my fave posts to write! It's not often you finish a training session and think of all the positives. It almost always hurts and there's always something to improve on. As human we love to focus on the negative so we rarely reflect on all the progress we've made. I love to look back over my sessions and see how far I've come.
Progress is slow. That's a fact (according to me). It's so easy to give up because you aren't seeing results quick enough or because you aren't feeling like you're making gains. I've got 5 reasons why you should track your training and keep going!

1. See what works for you
When were you getting faster? What were you doing that was good? What wasn't working out so well? Training is individual and it's easy to only remember the bad so writing down what you're doing and when is a great way to see what is working best for you.

2. Get into a Pattern
Anyone will tell you, consistency is key. Working out what days to train, when to rest and when you are at your best is half the battle. By logging it all, you can check back and see when you felt great and when you could do with adding an extra rest day. For me, Monday's after Long Run Sunday are a day to rest and recover before getting back on it on Tuesdays.

3. Plan your Training
Planning workouts takes away the "I don't know what to do today" feeling which often results in a wasted session. A quick check of what's on the plan and you're good to go safe in the knowledge that it's a step in the right direction contributing to a bigger plan. I take photos on my phone of my plan so I know exactly what's coming up no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

4. Outlet
Vent. Rant.Double underline. Express yourself and be honest. If it was a bad session, try and write down why. If you spoke to someone negative before your run who put doubt in your mind, make a note and learn to avoid them before training. I try and write down my feelings before and after (which can be a bit much sometimes!) but it helps me sort my thoughts and gives me a bit of peace of mind. Whatever works for you.

5. Motivation
Look back at everything you've already achieved, you're doing a great job. It's natural before a race that you'd feel nervous but looking back over the weeks you can take comfort in knowing the hours, sweat (and in my case tears) that you've put in. You got this!!

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