Round Up: November

This must be my favourite time of the year for running and training hard. In the cold when you're wrapped up in around 10 layers? Yup. I love that feeling of the cold wind on my face and inhaling deep icy air. I do agree- there might be something wrong with me- but it just feels so good. More than anything though, some good winter training not only sets you up for some good races in the Spring but it means you can eat all that Christmas choccy without a shred of guilt!

Vlog #16 | Tummy Aches!

Not a very good week, I've had some serious tummy ache! I have tried to get on with it though and did a trail run, some of a track session and had an epic fail at the gym with the leg machine! A hair cut and some love from my mum has helped though :)

Running Books

I love reading, it's one of my favourite things to do! It fills me with such sadness when I hear people announce quite proudly, "I haven't read a book since I left school". WhaaaT?! There's nothing better, in my opinion, than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea! Recently I've read a few great running books, (which make good Christmas pressies!) here's what I've been reading and what I've thought.

Vlog #15

I can only apologize for the lack of video last week and this week's patchy footage. My camera has really decided to give up on me and the battery is failing fast!
Despite this I had some great news this week, I got a new job! I also found some serious speed at the track and at the Nike run where I also saw my friend and got a free tee, yay! We did the Mannequin Challenge and I shopped like there was no tomorrow!

Flash! Ahh...

Dark nights, remember your lights! I actually really enjoy running on a cold, dark evening. Seriously, that wasn't sarcastic at all. It's nice being wrapped up and having the cold air hit you. As I live in the counryside, it get very dark as the street lights are few are far between. I am always weary of cars speeding past and I do worry that will hit me. Well not any more! Flash...

No Vlog this week

Hey guys, I'm sorry there's no vlog this week. I had such a crazy week and hardly did anything in the end. I have something exciting that I can share with you next week but other than that my cousin had a baby which derailed all my training as you know I can't resist a baby and I was really poorly on Sunday. I did film some bits here and there but my camera has given up a little so I'm looking for a new one too. I'm sorry! I'll be back next week with a longer vid so in the meantime- have a lovely week, train hard and have fun!
-A x

Winter Run Essentials

It is bloody freezing in England right now. It is so very cold and it is so tempting to just stay indoors and get cosy by the fireplace and not do anything. Winter training is essential, it makes you tougher both mentally and physically and building a good base sets you up to perform a your best when Spring comes around. So how do you pluck up the courage to get out and get going?

Vlog #14 | Diwali, Never Stop London's 1st Birthday & FAST Running

It's been Diwali this week! What fun it's been celebrating with all of my family doing traditional stuff as well as that time of Indian fave of...going for a roast! Temple filming was shaky as you're not really supposed to film there but it was lovely to see my granddad come out of hospital, to celebrate The North Face, Never Stop London's first birthday and to run some FAST kilometers!

Coming Back from an Injury

It’s never easy to come back after an injury. Depending on the severity of it you might have lost fitness, motivation or confidence...maybe all 3! Trust me I know. 3 weeks before my big race, my worst nightmare came true when I didn’t unclip from my bike in time and broke my wrist.

Round Up: October

10 months down on the year, only 2 more to go! Such a good month for getting back into running and finding my groove again. More than anything just falling back in love with running and that slightly burny feeling that treads the lines between pain and pleasure. Marathon training is officially on!

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