Flash! Ahh...

Dark nights, remember your lights! I actually really enjoy running on a cold, dark evening. Seriously, that wasn't sarcastic at all. It's nice being wrapped up and having the cold air hit you. As I live in the counryside, it get very dark as the street lights are few are far between. I am always weary of cars speeding past and I do worry that will hit me. Well not any more! Flash...

My new Nike aeroloft gilet is the bees knees when it comes to being seen. It's gorgeous and stylish but still very functional. At a whopping £165, it was a seriously spendy buy. I stood in the shop for around 40 mins thinking about wheather or not I really needed it. The non-reflective gilet is £120.
The reflective finish is what you're paying for. As you can see, with the light on you there is absolutely zero chance of you being missed. It has this on the front and back. I love how it lights up and I think it looks quite cool too.

It is filled with goose down yet it feels unbelivably light. It barely weighs a thing. It has a water "repelling" coating so you're still going to get wet in the rain, just not soaked. One of the features I really liked about it, is that if you get hot mid run you can take it off and pack it up. It fits into the side zip pocket pretty neatly and even has a hand strap so you can hold onto it a you continue your run.
I like that the pockets both have zips with the right hand side having another smaller pocket for my car key/ipod with a headphone loop too.
Overall it is horribly overpriced. A hood and an actual waterproof coating might make it more justifiable. However I have been wearing this loads and I like that it keeps my body warm while still giving me maxime range in my arm movement. Yes it is expensive and I'm sure I could have found a cheaper version but I really love it. And it looks good in photos!

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