Round Up: November

This must be my favourite time of the year for running and training hard. In the cold when you're wrapped up in around 10 layers? Yup. I love that feeling of the cold wind on my face and inhaling deep icy air. I do agree- there might be something wrong with me- but it just feels so good. More than anything though, some good winter training not only sets you up for some good races in the Spring but it means you can eat all that Christmas choccy without a shred of guilt!

Whilst I'm training hard for the marathon, I thought I'd break it down a litte differenly for you...
8 hours 16 mins - 85 kms

Track Sessions x3
These have been amazing! I have seen such improvement in my running and such a huge increase in speed. I've found that a lot of my track running is mental and training my mind as much as my body is important for marathon training. Trying to focus on the set I'm currently running rather than thinking of the 300m/400m/etc to come. Be in the moment....Apparently I'm becoming a bit of a hippy.

Speed Runs x4
With Nike Run club. These have pushed me hard. The guys that run this are bloody fast and they push me to a place that I rarely go to outsde of racing. I love how much it hurts but I also love that despite what I inititally think, I can keep up. Even though it's not what running or training is about, it's nice not to run at the back and to overtake other runners. It gives me such a mental boost!

Long Runs x4
2 long runs that been cut short. I've had a terrible time with stomach problems recently. I even had to stop at a hotel and use their phone to call home for a rescue on one occasion. I'm still trying to figure out what my body is trying to tell me but it's getting a bit better. I did a long trail run too after my 10k race got cancelled which was so much fun. It was a hundred times harder than road running and made me realise that a few trails will help my legs get stronger too which is never a bad thing.
What else?
Not as much gym time as I should be putting in! I'm going to try really hard next month to make it more of a priority and get my body strong for running. I went to 2 North Face sessions which you know I love. I'm also trying to do some cross training - swimming and cycing- to build a different kind of cardio to that I use for running. Just the usual, not enough hours in the day.....

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