Round Up: October

10 months down on the year, only 2 more to go! Such a good month for getting back into running and finding my groove again. More than anything just falling back in love with running and that slightly burny feeling that treads the lines between pain and pleasure. Marathon training is officially on!

Swim - 28mins - 1,000m
Just 1 swim session this month. I think I'm going to try and go for 1 swim a week whilst I'm more focused on running for now. It'll keep my cardio going and as it's a no pressure on your joints kind of thing, I know there no chance of injury! 

Bike - some!
More spinning at the gym and a few gos on the watt bike.

Run - 5hs 21mins - 54.95km
Yaasss! Run Aneesha, Run! Absolutely loved my running this month. The track sessions have been helping with some speed work but more than anything just getting out there and going has felt great. Trying to rebuild some base running fitness has meant running relatively slowly for different periods of time; 30mins, 45mins and an hour. My speed is up which feels great and I am just feeling so happy and positive!

What else?
I joined the Nike Run Club in London which has been good for pushing me a little harder than usual. I've been getting out at lunch from work too which is great for my mental health and is a nice break in the day. Absolutely loads of foam rolling every night has helped my legs stay loose and flexible. I've also been using a tennis ball to roll under my feet which hurts like hell but has been helping to strengthen all the little muscles in there.

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