Winter Run Essentials

It is bloody freezing in England right now. It is so very cold and it is so tempting to just stay indoors and get cosy by the fireplace and not do anything. Winter training is essential, it makes you tougher both mentally and physically and building a good base sets you up to perform a your best when Spring comes around. So how do you pluck up the courage to get out and get going?

I've found a few little bits that make getting out in the cold slightly more bearable. I didn't realise how blue/black it all was until I laid it out- note to self to buy more colourful Winter gear!

Gloves. These are an absolute must, if my hands are warm I just feel much better. These are a very cheap old pair that I think I got from Sports Direct. You can buy some really gorgeous ones though, some with reflective patches to make sure you're seen in the dark and some with the "magic finger" bit so you can still use your phone. For me, as long as my hands are warm, they're doing their job!

The head torch. Probably one of the best investments I've made with my running gear. It might not look super stylish but it's so practical. Not only can I see where I'm going but people can see me too. This one from Petzl is brilliant becuase you can tilt the light towards the ground so you don't have to bend your head down in order to see the pavement.

Socks. These are from Hilly which along with Balega are my favourite brand of running socks. These particular pair are double lined so my toes stay toasty. I like that they are long and come right up to my ankle so there's no breeze between where my leggings finish and socks begin. Might sound like a small thing but you really feel the chill there!

Lip balm. This little gem was quite pricey for a lip balm but it is so worth it. Imagine what all that cold and wind does to your face. This Dr Lipp Nipple Balm (seriously, I know) is such a beautiful product to coat your lips and it feels so soft. It stays on for the whole run and I love it!

Buff. Such a versatile bit of kit. I got this particular one free from a race bu there are loads on the market. I like to wear mine around my head to keep my ears and head warm but I wear it around my neck too. It's quite light but there is a fair bit of material so wrapping it around makes it feel cosy and keep my ears toasty!

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