2016; Races, Results and Milestones

134 hours. 1,399.3 km. 137 personal records.
Like I did last year, I thought I'd go back over some of my best bits from this year. It's a good way to finish the year and it's a great little motivational boost for the year to come.

Nike Power Speed Leggings

I'm not one for long leggings at all. I have 2 pairs which I only wear when it is really really cold; one black pair bought while I was at uni in 2010 and one beautiful autumnal pair I got last Christmas. I don't really get excited by leggings, I'm more of a shorts girl but when I saw these leggings in Nike- I just had to have them!

Olympic Park 10k

My very last race of the year and where better than a place that has inspired me so much. Where I watched my hero Mo Farah storm to a supreme victory in the 5 and 10k. Uh huh, the Olympic Park was the venue. 10k was the distance and I was really gunning for a PB!

Trail Running

Recently you've probably heard me talk a lot about trail running. It's replacing my love for road running fast but why, what's the appeal. Actually, what is it? And if you're training for a marathon that's run on the road- why are you bothering? All good questions...

Vlog #18 | Legs at the Gym & Final NRC of the Year

This week started off well with a tough gym session focusing on legs. I went to the final Nike Run club of the year which as always, was brilliant fun. I had my last day at work and went out with some of Anthony's friends who hate blogging and bloggers. Gulp!

How to Layer

If you live in England, you'll understand me when I say- how the heck are you meant to get dressed in the autumn/winter? One day it'll be cold, the next glorious sun and the day after it'll be raining in the morning and then lovely in the afternoon with a chance of snow by the evening! As I've learnt, it's all about the layers and knowing what kind of run you're doing.

Salomon Trail Shoes

I can already hear my mum's voice, "Aneesha, do you really need more shoes?!” Yes actually mum I do, I believe the widey used rule is n+1 (the same rules applies for bikes and handbags FYI). Besides these aren't just shoes or specifically trainers. These are trail shoes, for adventures!

Vlog #17 | I Am Bolt Premiere & Sussex XC League

Such a brilliant week! I won tickets to the I Am Bolt movie premiere in Leicester Square (I also wrote a blog post about this, here). It was a great movie about Bolt leading up to his incredible feat at the 2016 Rio Olympics. We met Mo Farah who is my hero so I couldn't really have asked for a better night! At the track it was freezing but I'm glad it lead to me running my first cross country race on Saturday for Crawley AC!

I Am Bolt

"Type your name and a friend's below for a chance of winning 2 tickets to the world premiere of I Am Bolt" It all started with an Instagram post...I never really win anything so to win this one was super exciting! One of the greatest sportsmen of all time, Usain Bolt, had a movie coming out and I was going to the premiere!

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