2016; Races, Results and Milestones

134 hours. 1,399.3 km. 137 personal records.
Like I did last year, I thought I'd go back over some of my best bits from this year. It's a good way to finish the year and it's a great little motivational boost for the year to come.

A jaunt in the Indian sun derailed marathon and half ironman training. Not much of anything to be very honest!

Another week in the sun, this time in Costa Rica with my best friend Emma! I'd picked up a stomach bug in India which didn't help when I was training. It must have done something though as I ran Brighton Half Marathon in a personal best of 1.52 which was an 18 minute pb!

25 hours of of swim, bike and run working towards the half Ironman.
I swam Swimathon as part of a team for the charity Neil's Club. In an hour, 6 of us swam 144 lengths and raised £784.

No Marathon for me as I pulled out to focus on the half Ironman. I watched my boyfriend smash it though in 3hours 22.
I did a beautiful trail run with Maverick which I absolutely loved and this started my love for the trails.

The worst month of the year. Started on a high riding the half Ironman bike route, followed by my birthday and then cycling in Mallorca. It ended on a serious low with a broken wrist.
3 days after I had my wrist cast, I ran the Vitality 10k with my Team Patel and retained my 1st female crown :) 55mins wasn't bad considering and there was a fair amount of walking involved too!

Back on it and back to Square 1. I joined the North Face training sessions which helped me rediscover my love for training even though my body felt like it'd never exercised before a day in it's life!

A Fun Run League run with my mum was just that, super fun!
Back to the track. This was by far the hardest thing I'd done in a few months and it bloody hurt!

The North Face, track sessions and Nike Run Club had me back at it like nobodies business.

91km in 8 hours. LOADS of running and it felt so good. My one and only race, the Brighton 10k, was cancelled de to bad weather so a hilly train run took it's place.

I ran in the Sussex XC League which was absolutely brilliant. I came 101/121 which I was quite pleased with.

Overall lots of good to take away and into 2017! I've set myself some big goals so I'm going to give it everything to make sure I smash them!


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