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If you live in England, you'll understand me when I say- how the heck are you meant to get dressed in the autumn/winter? One day it'll be cold, the next glorious sun and the day after it'll be raining in the morning and then lovely in the afternoon with a chance of snow by the evening! As I've learnt, it's all about the layers and knowing what kind of run you're doing.

Track Runs
At the track I am running fast. I mean really fast (relatively speaking!) so I get very hot very quickly but then I also cool down very quick so I need thin layers. As the track is lit, there's no need to worry about visibility and running fast, you don't want anything bulky on. I usually arrive and leave in a tracksuit which I also wear to warm up.
* tee, leggings and a jumper

Speed/Threshold Runs
Usually these are the ones I do with Nike. I run around 7/10k at a fast pace that feels like my maximum effort. They're hard and I am usually shattered by the end. While it's cold to begin with, I get warm very quickly. As I'm running for around 30/45 mins I want to be warm however as I'm maintaining high effort, I don't want my body to waste energy trying to cool me down. I normally take my head torch too, despite running through London the light isn't always great!
*Long sleeve top under a tee & leggings

Recovery Runs and After Work Runs
Typically done in the dark so I'm looking for reflective clothes so I can see and be seen! I don't run for more than around 40 mins during these workouts so looking for warmth and movement. As I usually get home, change and head out I want to be ready quickly so not too many layers but I want to be warm. Warmth is everything to me in case you hadn't already got that.
*Long sleeved tee under a gilet, leggings and a head torch.

Long Runs
Long and slow, these are usually done at a much slower pace and often mean running for an hour +. Whilst I do warm up, I'm not sweating profusely nor am I working too hard. Again, I want warmth and movement but I don't want anything that's going to be uncomfortable as I'm out for a long time nor do I want to overheat.
*Tee, leggings & a jacket over the top.

P.s I realise this post makes me look like some kind of Nike junkie which..ahem..I am. I just didn't realise the extend of my addiction until I wrote this post and noticed that every single sports item in my wardrobe was my the same shop. I'll start buying some new clothes, happily.

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