I Am Bolt

"Type your name and a friend's below for a chance of winning 2 tickets to the world premiere of I Am Bolt" It all started with an Instagram post...I never really win anything so to win this one was super exciting! One of the greatest sportsmen of all time, Usain Bolt, had a movie coming out and I was going to the premiere!

The dress code said SMART so after work in the glamour of the women's bathroom, I changed into this jumpsuit from Miss Selfridge (in the sale, woohoo!) and my pink Topshop heels (no link- sorry they're old!). As it's bloody freezing I threw on my 'grown up coat' -ie no cosy down parka- with this faux fur collar from Accessorize.

Anthony and I met the rep from Puma, collected out tickets and walked over to the entrance. In all honesty the red carpet was quite over-whelming; paps everywhere, bodyguards surrounding people I had never seen before and security shuffling you along. We tried to claim ignorance and loiter on the carpet hoping to spot David Beckham or someone equally as exciting. Security weren't having any of it and sternly moved us along but not before we snapped a quick photo or two.

Inside was celeb spotting heaven! I was shameless in my excitement and sneaky photo taking. To (name drop) a few we saw Boris Becker, Jamie Redknapp, Lindford Christie, Jonathan Edwards, Santi Carzola and Robert Pires. It was a sports lover's dream, Anthony and I were loving it!

Bolt gave a short speech to start, thanking his team and his parents. The movie followed him in the lead up to this year's Rio Olympics. It included footage from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing as well as London 2012 and even a bit further back in time when he was a 15 year old high school runner. He comes across as so relatable; he loves competion but hates the training. He has training at 6am but he wants to go out and party. It's easy for us to think that it comes easy for him, afterall we only really see him for (barely!) 10 seconds on the world's stage every 4 years. Watching him struggle, get injured, want to quit, get motivated, train like a beast- it makes you realise that he is just a normal guy. Yes he has a hell of a lot of natural ability but he works damn hard.

The movie is funny, inspiring and very interesting. I like how it's filmed going back and forth through time with lots of his friends and family offering an insight into Bolt's life. The one thing that I really took away from it was that it isn't easy for anyone. Here is arguably the greatest sportsman who has ever lived- certainly the fastest man on Earth- and even he doesn't want to go to training or eat healthy stuff. But he wants the gold mdal, to beat his nemisis Gatlin, to have his name amongst the greats like Ali and Pele more. And for me, without doubt, he is the absolute greatest.

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