Nike Power Speed Leggings

I'm not one for long leggings at all. I have 2 pairs which I only wear when it is really really cold; one black pair bought while I was at uni in 2010 and one beautiful autumnal pair I got last Christmas. I don't really get excited by leggings, I'm more of a shorts girl but when I saw these leggings in Nike- I just had to have them!

Nike Power Speed Leggings

So this was the reason for my hesitation to buy. At £105 they are by far the most expensive leggings I have seen in my life! I felt like this was totally unjustifiable. I am going to sweat in them and I don't even like leggings. Then Black Friday rolled around and they were £70. I still think that is quite a lot BUT I couldn't resist any longer. Don't judge me.

I can't buy bottoms with no pockets, it's totally impractical. These leggings have one large pocket on the back which zips up. It's good for a car key or a few snooty tissues but you're not going to get any gels/ phone/ anything useful in there.

Power Speed?
Yeah it sounds quite pretentious but it's because they are super tight with a compression style fit. This keeps muscles snug which in turn leads to more mobility...I think?! Here's the blurb from the Nike website, "The Nike Power Speed Women's Running Tights are designed to encourage every move with a compressive feel throughout and a screen-printed pattern that provides support to key muscles."

Look & Feel
I love the design of them, they're gorgeous! The stripes that wrap around my leg feel like go faster lines. Made from the usual Nike dri-fit material, they're moisture wicking and super comfortable. I bought a small as I usually wear an 8 but they feel a little baggy in the bum. I probably could have gone for an XS. They are very comfy though and move easily with me when I'm tearing up the track..haha!

I do love them and they are so gorgeous. They're the kind of product that you put on and you like feel like you're the biz. I'm glad I didn't pay the full amount for them though as a lot of people I know have found the stripes coming off. I haven't had this problem (yet?) but I do think £105 is a bit much for them. I would reccomend buying a size smaller than usual if you are considering them though as I have found myself giving them a hoick every now and again while I'm running.

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