Salomon Trail Shoes

I can already hear my mum's voice, "Aneesha, do you really need more shoes?!” Yes actually mum I do, I believe the widey used rule is n+1 (the same rules applies for bikes and handbags FYI). Besides these aren't just shoes or specifically trainers. These are trail shoes, for adventures!

Ok let's just talk about the thing that strikes you first, they are hideous. I hate how ugly they are. The colour choice was pretty slim; it was this, black or a lizardy green/yellow which I kinda wish I'd gone for now. The purple is not my usual choice but as I always say to people when buying trainers that are good for your gait- don't worry about it. They all end the same way- worn and muddy. And these are going to get dirty!

That leads me onto gait. As you know, I over-pronate when I run meaning I roll into my step. I usually wear trainers that help this but buying trail shoes was a bloody nightmare. No one talks in the way I've grown to understand- pronation, cushioning and stability. Instead I went to the shop and tried on all the pairs they had. I kept hearing "the best way to test them, is to get out and run". Ok great but when they're dirty I can't return them can I? I tried on several hundred more pairs…

The laces are a cool feature. They have a quick lace system where you only need to pull the laces and they tighten, much like the Nathan laces I have on my road shoes. There is a little pocket at the top of the tongue that you can tuck them into too so they keep cleanish and secure. The tongue cover also stops mud and little bits of earth getting into the shoe too. As they are Gore-Tex they are waterproof too which is an essential feature.

They feel surprisingly light and comfortable. As they feel like sturdy, I didn't think they'd be as light as they are on my feet. As with my road shoes, I bought a size bigger than usual going for a 7. The laces pull tight and they feel secure.

Overall they're okay. They are light, waterproof and feel alright. However as I’m used to something sturdier that is made to help with my dodgy knees etc. They aren't as comfy or as protective. I don’t feel the same way about them as I do my road shoes. I've had some knee pain in them so the verdict isn't wonderful. They do the job but give me a pair of Mizunos over these any day!

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