Nike Air Zoom Strong

One of my favorite Christmas pressies, thanks Santa! And before you judge me, I actually needed these shoes. That's right needed because if you read this post, you'll know that for the gym it's better to have a specific training show. Lucky for me, my parents and Santa are in constant communication and I was a very good girl last year.

Nike Air Zoom Strong

£100 which I don't think is too much for trainers. Most are around this mark so it seemed pretty reasonable. Not much more to say on price than that really!

Obviously one of the most important factors. They are beautiful; rose gold and black and very sleek. The laces are tucked under the neoprene elastic strap which keeps them tight and fitted. I like the little loop on the back. I don't really like black trainers as I think they are very boyish so the rose gold is right up my street but they come in a whole load of different colours.

What's it all about
So glad you asked! The cushioning is really springy and responsive so when you're working out in the gym and let's say, you start jumping. It will feel light and less impactful. If you like me, get a lot of cramp in the middle of your foot when you jump excessively, this will help. It's designed for gym workouts rather than running or everyday wear so it feels very comfy. It's quite sock like, almost like you're not wearing a show at all.

I really like these, I can't emphasize enough how super comfy they are, my feel are so happy in them. They look good and didn't break the bank so nothing to complain about here!

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