Round Up: December

December feels like so long ago now! Since December 1st I feel like so much had happened; I've been to India and went to a big family wedding, training has been going well and I was invited to run in a race! Let's get to it..

6 hours 12 mins - 62 kms

Week 1
A track session, a speed run and a race. The race started so well, it was over 10k and I thought it could get a pb. I ran well until 6k and then it all sort of fell apart. I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me and I crawled to the finish. It was still a pb (51.26) but this really just pissed me off as it showed how fast I'd been going before so let's not talk about it anymore!

Week 2
A short run with run, a run cut short by the most epic of nose bleeds and a long run. I haven't had a nose bleed in years so it was all quite true Aneesha style. My long run was supposed to be 1 hour 30 and I ran 1.25. I can live without the 5 mins. I did a solid 16k in that time which I was pleased with but I had to stop a few times. I need to not do that!

Week 3
Nothing! I let the Christmas spirit takover and ate plenty and drank even more. Training wasn't even a thought...

Week 4
In India! I planned a short run with my cousin which came to nothing as we ended up calling each other in the morning to cancel! Really I chilled out and enjoyed the break. 3 weeks of marathon training is extremely taxing.....

What else?
I was invited to run for my local club in a cross country race, seriously. It was brilliant! I did have to wear the cross country vest-and-short shorts uniform which was ridiculous as it's December but hey ho. I really enjoyed it and my inner girlie girl was quite happy it wasn't really muddy. I've been working on strength in the gym too. Changes are so tiny and take so long it's hard to say much more but you know how it goes, keep going.

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