Winter Motivation

It is SO bloody cold at the moment and if you're like me, there's nothing you'd rather do more than snuggle in bed with Netflix, tea and biscuits! But if, also like me, you've got a race to train for this isn't really an option until post training. Getting out in the cold requires some single mindedness (of which I don't have much) and the power to say a big fat NO to putting it all off.

I've noted down a few tips to help stay motivated and to keep on track to achieving your goals.

1. Don't lose sight of your goals
I've got post-its and sticky notes everywhere reminding me what I'm aiming and training for. Every time I go to the fridge I see a post-it reading "MARATHON". It keeps it at the front of my mind so I don't have the opportunity to forget what I'm working towards.

2. Tell people
The more that know about your goals, the less likely you are to back out. Don't be self conscious or nervous to tell people, the people you're likely to tell are family and friends who should be supportive (well I hope they are!). It'll keep you going knowing that they will ask how it's all going and when the big day is.

3. Make it worth something
Why not try and raise a few pennies for a good cause. I'm always hesitant to raise money for a charity as most people know I like doing crazy challenging events. I feel weird asking them for money for something which is essentially my hobby. You can do it for yourself though- a friend of mine puts a £1 in her little pot every time she goes for a run and she usually treats herself to a new race day top with her hard run cash.
4. Make note
I have mentioned this before and I do so with my training diary, but tracking progress is a really good way to stay motivated and see how far you've come. Whether it's taking a photo of yourself on the first day of every month or making a note of 5k times, tracking what you're doing is a great mental boost. It helps you figure out what works for you and how you can replicate success.

5. Invest in Success
The one my mum would probably disagree with the most! I think you should invest in yourself, if you've got the wrong gear it's no fun but if you bought yourself, say a new warm running top, you're more likely to get out and use it! Well that's my philosophy anyway but I am a bit of a shopaholic so I may bit slightly biased!

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