Energy Gels

When I first started running and cycling more competitively, I had a ton of questions about gels and the best way to get some "quick energy". People told me what they used and what they liked but as I found, it's quite specific to the individual. There's no one perfect that will work for everyone on a taste level, energy level or that won't leave your tummy feeling a bit woozey. Yes, I said woozey.

Asics fuzeX Rush Trainers

I was lucky enough to be given a pair of Asics fuzeX Rush trainers to try by the lovely people at Pro Direct Running! I've filmed a little review of them if you're thinking of a new pair. Let me know if you've tried them and what you think :)

Swim Essentials

Okay so really you probably just need a cozzie and some goggles to get you started but that wouldn't make for a very interesting read nor would it be that helpful. I'm taking about if you want to get stronger, fitter and faster - which if you're like me - is always on my mind! Of course swimming lengths and doing drills will always help but there's some kit that will too.

Give a Girl the Right Shoes...

You know what they say, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. I like the attribute my shoe collection to this mantra. You never know when you're going to need another pair if black heels or yet more bright trainers! As much as I joke, it's important to wear the right shoe for the right type of sport. Yes, I also thought this was total consumer bullshit until I tried a few different pairs.

Endurance Life CTS Devon | Race Review Video

Following on from my blog post about the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series in Devon, I made a video of the race! I hope you enjoy watching it, I loved taking part and completing my first trail half marathon! Already googling for more...

Endurance Life CTS Devon

Last Saturday, I toed the start line of the Endurance Life, Coastal Trail Series in Devon along with around 380 other runners. It was by far, the most challenging race I have ever taken part in; both physically and mentally. There is so much that I want to share that I feel like I won't do it justice so I have also made a video to go with this post which I will post in the next few days.

Round Up: January

January! First month of a new year; goals are fresh, motivation is fresh, the air is fresh! Yeah I'm cheesy I know but you know what I mean. It's the Monday of Mondays but without the huge sigh beforehand. I've decided that my marathon time isn't as important to me as I'd first obsessed over- it's my first one. I want to enjoy the experience and not do my usual Aneesha-obsessing over the time and ruin it when I don't achieve it to the second.

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