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Last Saturday, I toed the start line of the Endurance Life, Coastal Trail Series in Devon along with around 380 other runners. It was by far, the most challenging race I have ever taken part in; both physically and mentally. There is so much that I want to share that I feel like I won't do it justice so I have also made a video to go with this post which I will post in the next few days.

The Route
Breathtakingly beautiful is the only way I can describe the Devon coastline. The race started and ended in Beesands which is a little village on the Jurassic Coast. The run starts along the coast which is beautiful and brutal all in one- bruitful one could say! There was a mix of little tarmac lanes, muddy footpaths, a semi-scramble over beachy rocks and one truly vertical hill to navigate down.

The Distance
I went for the half marathon option. There was also a 10k, marathon and a 35 mile Ultra. I don't think there was an "easy" option as all races began along the same 5/10km route. It was marked as "4- Severe" which really filled me with promise and optimism..!

The Price
£40 gets you to the start, a timing chip which I think had a locator in just in case you got lost. As well as a technical tee, a Clif bar before and after in addition to a shiny medal for your efforts.
10K £30, Marathon £50, Ultra £60. You can book several races at once for a discounted price too.

The Organisation
Brilliant! The course was very well marked and I say this as getting lost was a real fear of mine. Being one of my only real trail runs, I was terrified of getting lost but the course was very clearly marked. I followed the "if you haven't seen differently, keep going until you do" strategy which worked a treat. Signs telling you where to go as well as where not to go were very helpful.

My only negative was timing was a bit forgotten. We were supposed to start at 10am so I was there sharp but we didn't get going until after 10.30am so standing around in the cold was a bit of a pain on my own.

Everything Else
The bag drop was very casual indeed- just leave your table on a table in the tent. Definitely not a place for valuables although everyone was friendly and kind, as I've found, most trail runners are. There were local pasties at the end which were absolutely delicious and very welcome after the run. A coffee cart was roaming around too. As the start/finish was tricky to get to, there was a free shuttle bus running from Chillington (one of the bigger villages nearby where you could park) to and fro. It was a great service; ran quickly, smoothly and very often. There was an after party in the evening- we were shattered and went too early so it was starting as we were leaving!


  1. Fair play!! Just looking at the elevation chart on this course is making my legs hurt and I'm sitting down!!


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