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When I first started running and cycling more competitively, I had a ton of questions about gels and the best way to get some "quick energy". People told me what they used and what they liked but as I found, it's quite specific to the individual. There's no one perfect that will work for everyone on a taste level, energy level or that won't leave your tummy feeling a bit woozey. Yes, I said woozey.

So here are a few things I enjoy and as a very fussy eater with quite a sensitive stomach, I feel pretty confident recommending these to you!

These are my fave thing to have when cycling. They look like wine gums but don't be fooled as they are extremely dense. I usually eat them in two bites as I find them thick and difficult to swallow without water. The flavours are delish, I usually go for berry. They come in a pack which you can decant into a bike bag or a running pouch which is easier than trying to open the tight pack whilst on the move. The kick I get from them is unbelievable and for a long cycle I usually eat 1 every 20 mins. Usually around £2.50 and handily available in Tescos!

I love Jelly Beans so these seemed like the perfect thing for me and I love them. They taste like regular jelly beans so getting them down isn't a problem. I have the orange flavour which does taste very tangy and natural. They chew just like jelly beans and are easy to eat while on the move. They come in a resealable pack too so you don't have to worry about eating them all at once or them falling out into pockets.
Usually £1.70 or so.
SiS GO Isotonic Gels
My running gel of choice. I ended up with these as my dad saw a box of them on offer at Costco and got them for me. He bought orange flavour which wouldn't be my first choice but is fine. It's quite a watery taste so I prefer to wash these down with a swig of water although you don't need to at all. They provide 20g of carb per 60ml gel so you're getting a fair bang for your buck. You can suck them straight out of the pack so easy for taking whilst running and I usually take these on long runs for every 20 mins.
Around £1.50 and can also be bought in Tesco, handy!

And the one I hated...The Gu Energy Gels. I love Gu desserts so I thought I'd love this but it was not at all what I expected. It was very thick and very filled with flavour. Unfortunately as a combination, it was quite unpleasant; an strong artificial flavour that's difficult to swallow. Mmm lovely. It was pricer than the others but taking this mid run did nothing but make me double over and heave it all back up. It wasn't nice at all but I know other people love it's up to you! 

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