Give a Girl the Right Shoes...

You know what they say, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. I like the attribute my shoe collection to this mantra. You never know when you're going to need another pair if black heels or yet more bright trainers! As much as I joke, it's important to wear the right shoe for the right type of sport. Yes, I also thought this was total consumer bullshit until I tried a few different pairs.
I bought a beautiful pink and grey pair of Nike's based soley on their coordination appeal with the rest of my clothes. Knee problems, hip pain and a very tight ITB later...let's just say it didn't work out. I would 100% recommend a gait analysis - most Runner's Needs do them-  and see what kind of shoe your foot needs. Style needs to go on the back burner and fit and type of pronation need to become a priority. The right pair of trainers will change running forever, no exaggeration. I wear the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 and they are dreamy to run in. They're good for an overpronator like me with little to no arch. Lightweight and supportive and I rarely have knee pain now.

Seriously, a shoe just for the gym? Yes. I agree it seems a bit excessive and posey but it has made such a difference. In the gym I do the usual weight stuff but I also do things that I don't do anywhere else. Squat jumps, box jumps, plymoetric lunges...and what do they all have in common? I'm jumping! I used to wear my running shoes and I'd get unbelievable cramp right in the middle of my foot. Now I wear some gym specific shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Strong. It's very cushioned in the heel so when you jump it feels quite springy and responsive. I like the strap over my foot as it feels secure and tight.

I've written a whole post about trail shoes, here. But the quick version is that they are waterproof and durable. I'm not madly in love with them and they hurt my knee a little. They tie up extra secure so I don't worry about losing them in the mud and they are very sturdy. They have all the properties of a good trail shoe but I'm just not sure they're 100% me.

Out and About
I love wearing trainers but it's important not to wear training shoes for general out and about-ness and walking around town. The tread will wear and you'll need to replace them quicker than you thought. I just picked a pair that looked great and went with everything I typically wear. I often wear them to work and change into heels there. I think going for a gait-analysis pair (i.e some that provide support where needed) is a good idea if you have sensitive feet. Cushioning and support ever goes out of fashion.

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