Round Up: January

January! First month of a new year; goals are fresh, motivation is fresh, the air is fresh! Yeah I'm cheesy I know but you know what I mean. It's the Monday of Mondays but without the huge sigh beforehand. I've decided that my marathon time isn't as important to me as I'd first obsessed over- it's my first one. I want to enjoy the experience and not do my usual Aneesha-obsessing over the time and ruin it when I don't achieve it to the second.

8 hours 3 mins -  89.9 kms

Week 1
Started with a long slow run (LSR) of 1 hour 30 to begin the new year. I won't lie- the majority was walking and it felt horrendous. All I could feel was mince pies jangling around in my stomach and I felt slow. I went to track which left me with similar feelings and I finished the week with another LSR, this time 1.45. Still slow and walking but a bit better.

Week 2
A track session consisting of 4 x 1200m. Tough but I felt good after and felt a little more like myself. It was nice to run with my track friends again as they are so encouraging and lovely. I was meant to run a trail half marathon but it was cancelled due to bad weather so I went on a trail run/walk with Anthony around Box Hill. It was beautiful but freezing and very steep so that wipes out this week's LSR.

Week 3
This was a great week for training. I got up around half 5 and hit the gym 3 times before work, I ran on Tuesday evening and did hills on Thursday. The track was closed due to it being icy on Wednesday so I took a needed early night. My LSR this was at 2 hrs 15 and I ran the furtherst I had ever run, 24km! A VERY good week :)

Week 4
After the highs of last week, I was struck by a cold and a bad back. I didn't do anything in the week in the hope of being better for my LSR on Sunday. That didn't happen so it was quite literally a week of early nights and nothing else!

What else?
I started a new job which has been very exciting but also exhausting. Getting in some strength sessions before work seemed to help my issue of never having enough time so I'm going to try and stick with that going into the new few months. One of my new colleagues is vegan so I have been trying some new recipes using tofu which is surprisingly delicious once (seriously) flavoured and cooked. I've found myself reaching for the gluten free vegan cookies at work and in all honesty- they are delicious! 

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