Swim Essentials

Okay so really you probably just need a cozzie and some goggles to get you started but that wouldn't make for a very interesting read nor would it be that helpful. I'm taking about if you want to get stronger, fitter and faster - which if you're like me - is always on my mind! Of course swimming lengths and doing drills will always help but there's some kit that will too.

For me, one of the best things I bought was some flippers. I actually got these around 2011 when I was a seriously competitive swimmer. The shorter the fin, the better. It's not really got much to do with improving your kick but the propulsion will speed you up through the water making you go faster. As it does this, it helps your position in the water as it lifts you higher and stops your hips from dropping low. It can help the arm part of your stroke too as you're not focusing on your legs, you can really pay attention to your stroke.

Paddles are great for building strength in your upper body. You need to be strong as you're, quite literally, pulling yourself through the water. The paddles increase your palm size so you've got more resistance which makes your muscles work harder. It'll help build muscles in your shoulders and arms as well as helping your technique and hand placement in the water. 

One of the more recent additions to my swim swag bag is an old bike inner tube. Yep an old bike inner tube from a wheel. I won't lie and say I had a clue because I obviously didn't, my boyfriend gave it to me and told me to use it. I tied it together and I slip it over my feet so it holds my ankles together. Swimming a few lengths with the band is seriously tough but it works my arms so hard, has helped with the timing of my stroke and the rhythm to which I swim. Mentally it's as exhausting as it it physically but the difference from using it for  few weeks is very clear. 

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