Give Your Metabolism a Boost

I dream of having the metabolism of a 12 year old. I'd love to eat whatever I want, when I want and to never gain a pound. Sadly for most of us this is what it will always be, a dream. But don't get down, recently I've been changing up my workouts and my appetite has sky rocketed but I haven't seemed to gain a thing! So here's what I've been getting up to.

Run Fast
Yep I've been working on speed at the track and sprinting is not only making me faster but it's making my body work. By running sprint intervals my body is working so much harder than usual. You don't have to go down to an athletics track, you can do this on a treadmill or just on the road outside your house. Try a min at the hardest you can go, then rest for a minute and repeat this 5 or 6 times. See if you can incorporate this into your workouts and not only will you see some speed benefit but it'll give your metabolism a good boost too.

This might seem counter-intuitive but it's bang on. Haven't you found that the people with the best bodies are the ones who say they're "always eating". I used to look at their smug faces and wish they'd choke on their carrot sticks until I realised that's exactly it- yes they are eating a lot but they're eating the right stuff. I've become a serial snacker, loading up my work bag with loads of goodies to keep me going. I usually eat twice in the morning, have lunch and then twice again before dinner. A mix of nuts, fruit, protein bars, choc rice cakes, smoothies- starving your body will just make it cling onto whatever you give it.
High intensity interval training aka HIIT. Pretty much the same idea as the sprinting above. I like doing 10 burpees (I say "like"- you know what I mean!) hard and then having 10 seconds rest before going again. The idea is that the burst of exercise is hard and gets your heart rate up. They say a good 20 minute HIIT session is better than an hour of cardio for fat burning and getting that metabolism working.

The P word
Protein protein protein- it's the body builders food group of choice and there's a reason why. More protein = more muscle = more calories burnt. You don't need to start eating like a caveman and just eating animals, try nuts, fats like avocado, beans or even protein shakes I like myprotein protein powder and I often make shakes for post workout fuel.

Get Out
I think the biggest thing for me is just getting out- do something, anything. I like walking especially around London. If I can avoid the tube, I try as walking is a nice dose of fresh air, stretches the legs after sitting at a desk all day and I find it really relaxing. Find something you enjoy and get out and do it!

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