Marathon Diaries

It is officially 3 weeks until the Brighton marathon... Cue the hysteria! I just wanted to write more of a chatty blog post and talk about how I feel about it all given some recent injury.
I have been having some trouble with my knee since I did that run in Devon back at the beginning of February. I thought it was my usual ITB injury coming back to haunt me after I wore the awful unsupportive trail shoes. I had a few days off which turned into a little longer and continued foam rolling and doing gym work. I tried a long run last Sunday which was supposed to be 20 miles. I managed around 15km at quite a slow pace until my knee started hurting. I stopped stretched and did my usual but this time it was much worse. My hip started hurting too and in the end I walked the 3 km back to my car. Those 3km took me around an hour to walk.

A visit to the osteopath (at a seriously PREMIUM price) and I found out that my pelvis isn't aligned; one of my legs was longer than the other!! Just my bloody luck! She fixed me up but she warned that it was likely to happen again. I'm really lost for words to be honest. I have no idea what to do. I'm nervous to run again but at the same time, I'm desperate to run this marathon. I know I have barely run even half the distance now but I just want to get it done. After the disappointment of last year and having to defer my place, I'm desperate to just crack on with it.

Have any of you had any problems like this with your knees/hips? Any advice? I'll take anything at this point, I have tried all the stretches and foam rolling I can manage. I think I'm still going to try and run, I can always stop if it's really awful but I'd prefer to at least have a go and see how I feel. I think....

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