Round Up: February

This month has flown by, I swear I say that every month but this one really has. I've blinked and it's now March. It's been a good month, not so wonderful for training but I've had a lot of fun. From running two half marathon to being invited to a fabulous Pro Direct Running/ Asics event as well as getting to grips with a new job, I have felt so happy and fulfilled this month.
8 hours 19 mins -  66.8 kms

Week 1
A track session consisting of 5 x 800m was tough. I eased off a little towards the end as on Saturday I traveled to Devon to run the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series half marathon. It was by far the most challenging run/walk I have ever done. My legs were broken after!!

Week 2
Legs still shattered from the race, I went to a track session but couldn't keep up. I didn't run the pyramid set given (1200m, 2 x 800m, 4 x 400m) and instead ran the 1200m followed by a 6 400m at a must slower pace. I tried a long slow run on Sunday but my legs still hurt and my old ITB problems returned so I called the physio...

Week 3
2 physio appointments and a telling off for wearing the trail shoes which didn't support my foot/knee at all left me feeling pretty crappy. I ended up just doing 1 swim after a spin session where I realised that I have forgotten how to! I need to work on my swim if I ever plan on doing a triathlon again. Will add that to my list..!

Week 4
A light lunch run in Hyde Park and a gentle track session in the week felt good. I finished the month running Brighton Half Marathon, one of my all time favourite races The wind and rain came at us sideways which didn't make for much fun. My knee hurt and I got weird stomach pains around 11km. I pushed on and finished in an average 1hr 56 but had to go to First Aid for my tummy. Sigh, if it's not one thing it's another with me!
What Else
As I mentioned I was invited to my first "blogger" event to try the new Asics fuzeX trainers which I reviewed here. It was so exciting and I am so thankful for the opportunity. The real highlight of this month though, wasn't about me at all. My mum ran Brighton Half and she absolutely smashed it. She runs between 3/5k regularly each week but this was quite a step up for her. She has a bit of a dodgy knee too so we came up with a good training plan mixed with strength and running. I'm just so proud of her for sticking with her plan and doing it, week in week out in good weather and bad. She is such amazing proof that you really can do anything, no matter your age or ability, if you just stick with it. And a little FYI, she smashed it in 2hrs 23! #PROUD!

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