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A very girlie post...sorry! Okay chicks, so you know the deal- you want to run or workout and not feel like your being smacked in the chest by..well...yourself. I know and I don't think it's asking for too much to feel supported and still look good at the same time. Besides if Kim Kardashian can work out with her bazongas, it must be possible- right?

For me, I like sports bras with no fasting. I like to pull them over my head and not have to reach around to fiddle with a little clip. I also feel like usually they're a bit tighter so they hold me in better. I usually wear a size 8/small so I've added these in to give you an idea of sizing as some are odd. Here are some of my faves,

Price: £25
Size: Small
I like this bra because it's so thin. It almost feels like you're not wearing anything at all. It's super lightweight and comfortable. It has the usual moisture wicking tech that Nike etc use so you don't feel sticky or uncomfortable. The straps don't dig into you at all and the material is very soft. It has lots of little mesh inserts for extra breathability.
Price: £52 (in the sale for £26)
Size: Their own bizarre code, I bought a 6
Let me be the first to say, this is SO pricey and had it not been in the sale I wouldn't have dared. I don't think the price is justified but it is a nice bra. Very wide straps which are super comfy and the stretchiest material I've ever felt. It's lovely and beautifully made with 2 little "pockets" at the front for gym locker cards/ car keys/ lip balm, you name it. I like this for the gym and it has a teeny bit of padding which is very flattering.

Price: £42 (also in the sale for £27.60)
Size: Weird sizing, a regular UK 8 is an XS
Beautiful! I love this mainly because it's just so pretty. Again, this straps and a deep curved neckline make this very flattering and very easy to wear. There is a fair amount of padding in this, I have no idea why as you don't need to make your boobs look bigger to work out? This makes it a little heavier than the others but nothing that noticeable. It has a cute little heart stitched on the inside but more than anything it makes me feel great! 

Old faithful - the classic Nike
Price: £25 - not exact copy but similar style
Size: small
I have bought many and many of these over time, I love them. Comfy, relatively thin, supportive...I don't have many bad words about these. I like that they are super tight so I feel really held in, I ove the bright colours they come in and I love the pretty low price. Can't fault them!

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