Round Up; March

Blah March, whatever. Marathon training has really gone down the pan so I was surprised to find that I ran 66kms this month. I've felt really blah about training and lost a lot of motivation after some injury. I spent some time back in the pool which was lovely and I spend quite some time imagining cycling which I feel like is a sign that I'm feeling brave enough to get back on it! Finally!!
8 hours 32 mins -  66 kms

Week 1
Minimal running but at the end of the week I was ready for a long run. It rained cats and dogs in the morning so I suffered through 90 mins on the treadmill. It brightened up in the afternoon so I went for a shop with mum and then ran home which around 16km. It absolutely pissed it down and my knee hurt a lot. It was wonderful...!

Week 2
I felt like this week started out so well. I went for a lunch run with work on the Tuesday, hills sprints on the Thursday and scored a parkrun PB on Saturday! I was ready to smash out a 20miler on Sunday but around 14km my hip and knee started hurting a lot. I walked 3km back to my car which took a little over an hour. Not good!!

Week 3
2 eye-wateringly expensive visits to the osteopath who let me know that (for whatever reason!) my hip was no longer aligned. I mean, seriously throw a wonky bloody hip into the mix, why not?! So not much this week other than rest and a swim. I love swimming and it really helped me focus and regain some calm.

Week 4
A light lunch run which turned out to be pretty crappy. More pain, I felt really sorry for myself so just laid off running altogether and did lots of gym work.

What Else
Ugh so torn over whether or not run this damn marathon now. It's less than a week away and I haven't really racked up anywhere near enough distance. I think I know in my heart I have to defer (....again!) but I just don't want to. I know I could get round but I'm not much of a "get round" person, I want to run a time I'd be proud of. I'm really gutted. A few friends have suggested looking for an autumn marathon which I'm considering. I'm desperate to run a marathon!! (-yes I just wrote that, I have no idea who i am anymore!!)
Work has been insanely busy so it's been back to the 6am gym club which has got me reaching for the bucket of coffee around 4pm. It definitely works better for me though as then I don't feel guilty for working late as I've already got my work out in. I'm going away in April so despite the fact that my (much anticipated!) marathon abs are non existent, I just can't wait!

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