#EveryDayMay Update

We're 12 days in and it's been going well! I have found a renewed enjoyment of going for a run which at points of marathon training, I didn't think I'd have again. It's been quite tough getting back into things and using cycle legs which have been dormant for almost a year. I've liked having something specific that gets me out the door and keeps me wanting to keep going. It's been a little warmer too which has made getting out after work a thousand times easier!


I have set myself a little challenge for the month of May. I'm going to try and do a swim, bike or run everyday during the month of May, hence the Every Day May!

I have quite a lot going on this month with a launch at work, a wedding, a girls spa weekend, my birthday and a family fun run! It'll be tough I'm sure but it's a good little challenge and a fun way for me to get back into the swing of things after such a long lovely holiday where I mainly ate and slept!

I'll try and keep you updated but I probably post more on Instagram so you can catch me on there! I'm @IAmAneesha if you fancy a follow :)
Let me know if you have set yourself any little challenges to keep you motivated or just for fun! It's a good way to get yourself going again after a little break and I'm really enjoying it so far.

Beat the Jiggle

Let's be honest, running can hurt quite a lot. It can hurt quite a bit more if you're not wearing the right sports bra, believe me! As a "bigger chested" girl, I have suffered through back pain and the struggle of trying to squeeze myself into sports bra that is a size or two too small so that I feel *extra* supported. Ridiculous when you say it out loud but sometimes there is just no other option.

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