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Let's be honest, running can hurt quite a lot. It can hurt quite a bit more if you're not wearing the right sports bra, believe me! As a "bigger chested" girl, I have suffered through back pain and the struggle of trying to squeeze myself into sports bra that is a size or two too small so that I feel *extra* supported. Ridiculous when you say it out loud but sometimes there is just no other option.

I have liked the Brooks brand for a long time. They were the first brand of trainers I bought that actually supported my feet and eased all the knee pain I had been running with. I didn't really know much about them but I'm happy to report back that, support, isn't something they restrict to feet!

The Juno sports bra perfect for girls with bigger boobs. At first glance, I have to admit I thought it was a little ugly. When you buy lingerie, it looks gorgeous in smaller sizes but I always find that as they go up in size, the pretty design doesn't always translate as well. It often looks a bit grotesque and out of shape. However when I put this on, it looked gorgeous!...(if I say so myself). It looked like a little top and the shape was so flattering on my body.

It's designed for high intensity sports so perfect for running. It prevents movement without or feeling you restricted or compromising breathability. The DriFit material is so comfortable, I really enjoyed wearing it. I like that the design is a "unicup" (who comes up with these words!) as the shape holds really well. I don't really like sports bras with a bra type clasp on the back as I find them a pain in the butt. This is no exception but the adjustable straps are a thing of genius and loosening them to do it up makes it much easier.

The straps have a thin strip of velcro on the inside so you can pull up the front and adjust the bra to hold you in just right. It's a pretty genius design and better than that, it actually works. I had visions of the straps falling down as I ran but the hold was fine.

It's priced at £45.00 at ProDirect Running and comes in standard bra sizes which I think is better than the usual small/medium/large as you can get something with a great fit. It comes in a few colours too. Overall, it's pricier than my usual but you get the quality you pay for and this is worth every penny. I'm a happy runner!


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