#EveryDayMay Update

We're 12 days in and it's been going well! I have found a renewed enjoyment of going for a run which at points of marathon training, I didn't think I'd have again. It's been quite tough getting back into things and using cycle legs which have been dormant for almost a year. I've liked having something specific that gets me out the door and keeps me wanting to keep going. It's been a little warmer too which has made getting out after work a thousand times easier!

Here's a little breakdown of what I've been getting up to.

1st- Bike ride. My first longer in quite some time...nearly a year to be exact. It was only 25km but it felt tough and my legs did not seem to remember what pushing up a small incline (it really was not a hill at all!) felt like. I got cake halfway round which made it all worthwhile!

2nd- 4km run. Again it was hard but I really had fun. The weather has gotten quite a bit warmer so it made it much nicer but much more difficult at the same time.

3rd- 40mins of bike on turbo, boring! I wanted to ride my bike but it was raining so I thought I'd just do it inside but my god, I'd forgotten how dull it was!

4th- Swimming! What fun! Warm up, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m and then cool down. Then the hair wash tying to get the chlorine smell out of my hair!

5th- I was going out after work so I barely had 30 mins. I decided to go for a fast short run which ended up much shorter than I expected. 3km, 15mins and a surprising amount of sweat later, it was done!

6th/7th- I went for a spa weekend with the girls in my family! I always have such a good time with them. I did a few laps of the pool and we went for a walk in the bluebell fields so I think I can count that towards my #EveryDayMay challenge!

8th- I had a day off! A busy busy bad day at work and I just didn't feel like anything. I lay on the sofa and watched Billions which was excellent.

9th- I had a late start at work so I could go for a run beforehand. 5 and half kms before wasa good idea as I didn't end up getting home until half 10 that evening!

10th- It was sunny when I got home so I went for a bike ride. I got very lost, cycled in circles for a little while and then found myself again!

11th- Swim again. I went for 300m warm up, 2 x 200m with 20 seconds rest in between, 3 x 100m with 15 seconds rest in between and then some cool down.

So that's me so far! I'll probably have a day off today as it's my birthday and I'm going out after work so I don't fancy my chances of getting a run in! I plan on eating my kms in cake though...

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