New Month, New Challenges

Hiiii there! Well I'm not going to lie to you, #EveryDayMay died a sad and lonely death shortly after it had begun. It started so well but on the 12th (my birthday) I went out and then continued to go out for a few days which led to a week and then next thing you know, it's June!

I've found a new challenge for the middle of September so I thought I'd track my weekly progress and try to inspire/hold myself to my training plan and all the usual jazz. 

Week 1: swim 4km / bike 85.2km / run 30.8km

Monday: The Vitality 10k in London. Probably my fave run of the year with my family. I was hugely under prepared so lots of walking and it was hot which only added to my misery but I tried to just enjoy the run and take in the London landmarks.

Tuesday: 2k in the pool before work and then a 45min zone 2 (heart rate z2 that is) run after. My heart rate monitor was a bit naff so it came to some guesswork but I ran better than I expected after the race the day before.

Wednesday: Track session! You know how much I love these. This set was 4 x 400m twice so around 4k overall. It was hot at the track with temperatures around 25 degrees. Ouch!

Thursday: Another 2k of swimming before work, the pool was absolutely freezing so I didn't enjoy it much at all. After work I ended up having a 10 min nap which became 20, 30 and then 40 mins. Finally I got out for a 45 min cycle, again in an estimated z2. I rode better than thought I would so I got home with 5 mins to spare. Will plan a longer route for next time.

Saturday: I went out with the local Wheelers for a 70km ride. It was very sunny and in all honesty I struggled so much up some of the hills. It was the most I'd ridden in over a year by about 40km so it hurt like hell. 

Sunday: Worthing 10km race by the sea. My legs were knackered after Saturday's ride and I didn't have much in me. I walked quite a bit which was disappointing but it kind of shamed me into realising how much I need to work on my run!

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