Training: Week 2

Another week down and what an eventful week it's been! The sun has been replaced by the rain, I have woken myself up with a snore on train more times than I care to admit and we had a general election. I won't get into that but if you follow me on Twitter I'm sure you know exactly how I feel! Let's get to the good stuff.

Week 2: swim 4k / 65km bike  /19.6km run 

Monday: A much needed rest day! I stayed up to watch Love Island - serious new guilty pleasure- before falling in a deep and unbroken sleep which was exactly what I needed.

Tuesday: 2k in the pool before work. Getting up at 5.30 is becoming slightly easier and I've got the prep work the night before down to a bit of an art. I felt a little sluggish as my legs were still feeling Sunday's run but I got it done. I waited for the run to subside which it didn't so I decided to run on the treadmill after work. 45 mins in z2 n a treadmill is horrendous. I was a sweaty mess and to top it off, my heart rat monitor is totally naff and didn't work so had to rely on guesswork. 

Wednesday: Track, happy place! Tonight was 8 x 500m with a 100m recovery job in between. There was no jogging because I was flipping exhausted so I walked my recovery. It also seems that I can't count as I did 7 reps not 8, ugh. Got a bit of pain in my knee, might need to schedule a physio apt...cause y'know, I'm made of money.

Thursday: Another 2k in the pool, I felt great today and it obviously showed as my swim was much faster than I expected. I rushed from the pool to vote and then to work. I went to hear Kenton Cool, 11 time Everest Summiter, speak after work so no cycle today.

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: a nice 65km ride out with my cycle gang. It is definitely feeling a little easier and I love riding with them as they are so encouraging and offer me so much advice without ever being condescending or just, rude. And the weather was gorgeous!

Sunday: A pretty naff run actually which made no sense at the time but in the afternoon I had such a bad cold come on, it all made plenty of sense! Lots of sleep now I think.

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