Training: Week 3

A bit of a pants week on the training front as I've had a bad cold. It came on all of a sudden on Sunday afternoon and I've been feeling it since. I've been sleeping with the fan at the foot of my bed and a hot water bottle tucked in with me! I had to take a few days off work and my lovely colleagues didn't want to be near me on my return, ha! A pretty short update for you this week..

Week 3: no swim / 60 km bike  / 11 km run 

Monday-Friday: No training, just lots of coughing, running nose and sleeping.

Saturday: a nice 60 km ride out with my cycle gang. It is definitely feeling a little easier and I love riding with them as they are so encouraging and offer me so much advice without ever being condescending or just rude. And the weather was gorgeous!

Sunday: I tried a run in the morning but it was just far too hot. I ran around 4km and it felt awful. I was near my friend Emma's house so I popped in there and her mum gave me a much needed drink and a lift back to my car. I waited until around 8pm and then went out again. It was much easier but still SO unbelievably hot. I'm proud of myself for getting back out and getting it done as it was the last thing I honestly felt like doing!

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